Wildlife & Wildlife Damage


Wildlife damages continue to be an ongoing headache for Ontario farmers. Ontario farmers are facing increased damages to livestock, crops and property from a wide range of wildlife. In addition to losses to livestock through predation by coyotes, wolves, bears, etc., farmers also face damages to standing crops and orchards, stored crops, forages, and to farm property, consisting of mostly fences. Deer are responsible for a large portion of the crop and orchard damage, while elk is responsible for fence and stored forage damage. This issue has been ongoing for fruit and vegetable produces for over twenty years. There continues to be an increased number of reports of damages to cars and trucks resulting from collisions with wildlife, specifically deer, which has at times caused injuries or death to vehicle occupants.

Caring for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife

As outlined in the Ministry of Natural Resources’ fact sheet titled ­What to do if you find a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal removing a wild animal from its natural environment can lower its chances of being successfully returned to its natural habitat. Therefore wildlife is not to be detained without the approval of the Ministry of Natural Resource (MNR). However, a person may possess a wild animal for a maximum of 24 hours for the sole purpose of transportation to a wildlife custodian or veterinarian. 

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Additional Information

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