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Submissions & Correspondence

OFA comments on Recruiting Ontario's First Chief Science Officer
(March 27, 2017)

OFA comments on Developing a National Strategy to Safeguard Plant and Animal Health in Canada
(December 23, 2016)

OFA letter requesting Regulation 63/09 amendments
(November 30, 2016)

OFA submission regarding Invasive Species Regulation
(October 7, 2016)

OFA letter regarding Wild Parsnip
(September 2, 2016)

Additional Information

Integrated Pest Management Training Courses Extended
(September 8, 2016)

Letter to Minister Ritz regarding Pest Management Regulatory Agency
(July 29, 2011)


Safe use of pest control products
(February 21, 2008 - Weed & Pest Management)

Managing Farm Input Costs-OFA Commentary #2007
(May 16, 2007 - Weed & Pest Management)

OFA looking for science-based solutions to bee issue
(September 27, 2013 - Environmental, Weed & Pest Management)

OFA urges Ontario government to focus on stewardship
(March 27, 2015 - Weed & Pest Management)

OFA hosts MPPs on the farm for Field Day event
(August 14, 2015 - Land Use Policy & Farmland Preservation, Weed & Pest Management, Energy, Natural Gas Infrastructure)

OFA’s 2017 priorities line up with latest government mandate letters
(January 5, 2017 - Rural Economic Development, Weed & Pest Management, Energy, Waste Management, Open for Business , Natural Gas Infrastructure, Provincial Funding Transfers to Municipalities , Climate Change)

Weed control must be taken seriously
(July 22, 2016 - Weed & Pest Management, Weed Control: Who Do You Call?)

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