Source Water Protection Framework and Assessment Tool


Farm Source Water Protection Framework and Assessment Tool

The OFA and its OFEC partners are pleased to provide readers with an electronic copy of the Farm Source Water Protection Framework and Report Template.

This project was initiated in response to the implementation of the Clean Water Act and Source Water Protection Initiative for municipal drinking water supplies in Ontario. The Framework is intended to be an aid to farmers with farm operations categorized as “significant drinking water threats” by the Source Water Protection Plan prepared for their watershed. Completion of the Template will help farmers to organize accurate information specific to their farm businesses in the format that facilitates discussion with the risk management official. Having this information assembled and understanding the Source Water Protection process will be of immense value when a farmer meets with municipal officials to discuss how best to manage the situation.

The template has been posted as a downloadable document to facilitate its use by farmers.

The project was partially funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the OFA and Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO). In-kind staff time was also provided by OFA, CFFO, OFEC members and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture.

Farm Source Water Protection - OFEC Framework

Farm Assessment Report SAMPLE TEMPLATE


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