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The Open for Business initiative was undertaken by the Government of Ontario to establish a collaborative relationship between government and key business stakeholders to drive economic activity. The OFA was selected as the organization to coordinate the development of a sector strategy for the agricultural industry that conveys the views of agricultural input suppliers, farmers, and food processors.

As the leader of activism and advocacy for Ontario farmers, the OFA took the reins in this initiative and spearheaded consultations with the farm and agri-food sector in order to generate an outcome that would be beneficial to the farming and agri-food industry.

The OFA’s role as the consultation leader required them to gather crucial information regarding the issues and recommendations and present them to the Ontario government. Not surprisingly, the agriculture and agri-food sector strategy identifies regulatory irritants that obstruct or restrain productivity and profitability within the agriculture and agri-food sector.

The aim of the strategy is to establish a mechanism that would allow ag-industry stakeholders to improve existing regulations that are of concern, and have meaningful input into the development of new regulations to ensure they meet their objectives without placing a disproportionate economic burden on those having to comply.

The recommendations, which were intended to protect public interest as well as maintain sustainable growth in the food and agriculture industries, were then reviewed and assessed by relevant government ministries.

Below is a list of the outcomes that were agreed upon by the Government of Ontario:

  • Agriculture and agri-food sectors affected by new regulations will be consulted early and often during the drafting process
  • Existing regulations that no longer meet legislative objectives or accommodate new technology will be reviewed on a regular basis
  • All provincial ministries will work together to ensure consistent and accurate interpretation of regulations by inspection and enforcement officers 
  • Service standards will be streamlined for licensing, permitting and approvals processes such as certificates of approval and reduced ‘red tape’ on drainage approvals
  • Regulatory compliance incentives will be considered as a substitute to regulations or enforcement

 The Open for Business initiative demonstrates how the agricultural industry and the provincial government can successfully coordinate to produce outcomes that are positively received by the agriculture community. 

Submissions & Correspondence

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(November 8, 2017)

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(July 31, 2017)

OFA submission to OMAFRA's Farms Forever Consultation
(June 29, 2017)

OFA submission regarding third party signage policy along provincial highways
(December 6, 2016)


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