Farm Implements


Under Ontario’s Farm Implements Act, matters related to equipment performance, warranties and spare parts should be brought to the attention of the Farm Implements Act Coordinator.

In Ontario, all new farm machinery purchases costing over $3,500 are protected by law in terms of warranty, safety and parts supply. This protection is provided by the Farm Implements Act. Purchases of used machinery are covered in matters relating to safety, parts supply and repairs, though they are not covered on warranty issues.

The range of farm machinery covered by the act is significant. The act defines farm implement as "any equipment or machinery designed and used for agricultural or horticultural use and includes attachments." This includes farmstead equipment systems, such as equipment for milking, feeding, ventilation, and manure handling. It also includes precision agriculture equipment, such as precision planting, yield monitoring and auto-steer equipment. There is currently no coverage for equipment with a manufacturer's list price under $3,500, tractors 20 horsepower or less, drainage equipment, lawn and garden equipment, and tires.

If you are experiencing farm implement performance issues, click here to complete the Farm Implements Complaint Form.


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