The OFA is actively involved in the creation of a beneficial and viable Environmental Farm Plan

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) offers workshops, webinars and programming to support Environmental Farm Plan implementation.
Your local Conservation Authority may offer programs or grants to assist you in beneficial farm management practices. 

Sub Issues

Submissions & Correspondence

OFA submission on proposed Conservation Authorities Act amendments
(June 29, 2017)

OFA submission on Canada-Ontario Action Plan for Lake Erie
(May 24, 2017)

OFA submission regarding Ontario policy review of hauled sewage disposal
(May 10, 2017)

OFA comments on Recruiting Ontario's First Chief Science Officer
(March 27, 2017)

OFA comments on MNRF’s Natural Resource Climate Adaptation Strategy
(March 10, 2017)

Additional Information

Where would Ontario agriculture be without EFP?
(May 10, 2010)

Keeping Farmers Green
(April 15, 2008)


OFA supports Ontario government’s action on elk management
(January 11, 2011 - Environmental, Wildlife & Wildlife Damage)

Planning future direction
(June 6, 2008 - Environmental)

Funding a valuable program
(February 15, 2008 - Environmental)

Environmental incentives-OFA Commentary #3005
(July 28, 2005 - Environmental)

Funds to expand EFP work - OFA Commentary #1605
(April 21, 2005 - Environmental)

New EFP program launched in Ontario
(April 18, 2005 - Environmental)

Next generation EFP for thousands more
(June 23, 2003 - Environmental)

Ontario's Urban Consumers Encouraged by Farmers' Efforts to Address Environmental Issues
(April 26, 2003 - Environmental)

Different Standards for Farmers
(September 25, 2002 - Environmental)

Getting on with the Jobs
(July 9, 2002 - Environmental)

OFA takes farm agenda to Premier McGuinty
(April 23, 2004 - Environmental)

New act will ensure the long-term viability of the Great Lakes
(June 25, 2012 - Environmental)

Farm yields and prices are among climate change victims
(June 29, 2012 - Environmental)

A united front for farmland preservation
(July 5, 2013 - Land Use Policy & Farmland Preservation, Environmental)

Climate change will challenge Ontario agriculture
(July 12, 2013 - Environmental)

Industry representation key to success of new legislation
(August 30, 2013 - Environmental)

Best Management Practices book delivers soil erosion solutions
(July 24, 2014 - Environmental)

OFA looking for science-based solutions to bee issue
(September 27, 2013 - Environmental, Weed & Pest Management)

OFA: ready to take on climate change
(October 2, 2014 - Environmental, Business Risk Management, Climate Change)

OFA urges farmers to seek evidence based regulation
(November 28, 2014 - Environmental)

New online resource addresses security issues on Ontario farms
(June 18, 2015 - Environmental, On-Farm Security)

Wanted: Chief Science Officer that understands ag
(March 24, 2017 - Agri-Food Research, Environmental)

OFA’s Northern Ontario tour highlights ag issues and opportunities
(August 21, 2015 - Environmental)

OFA reviews Ontario’s Conservation Authorities Act
(September 4, 2015 - Water, Land Use Policy & Farmland Preservation, Environmental)

Taking sustainability to the next level
(September 25, 2015 - Environmental)

Soil health initiative marks UN’s International Year of Soils
(October 30, 2015 - Environmental)

Working towards a waste-free Ontario
(January 15, 2016 - Environmental, Waste Management)

OFA takes food and environment concerns to the Federal Government
(March 18, 2016 - Environmental, National Food Strategy®, Food Literacy)

Diversified agri-food sector to drive northern growth
(July 14, 2016 - Land Use Policy & Farmland Preservation, Rural Economic Development, Agri-Food Research, Environmental, Farm Labour & Safety, Farm Finance, Beginning Farmer Programming, Transportation, Local Food, Climate Change, Agri-Skills Training)

OFA advocacy update at the halfway point of the Liberal mandate
(June 17, 2016 - Water, Land Use Policy & Farmland Preservation, Municipal Government, Rural Economic Development, Farm Property, Environmental, Energy, Waste Management, Wildlife & Wildlife Damage, Business Risk Management, Natural Gas Infrastructure, Climate Change)

Farm, Food & Beyond initiative unveiled at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show
(September 15, 2015 - Environmental)

Environmentalists and farmers urge Ontario to protect freshwater by putting a deposit on plastic bottles
(February 8, 2017 - Water, Environmental)

Speak up for ag this summer
(July 6, 2017 - Water, Rural Economic Development, Environmental, Farm Labour & Safety, Minimum Wage)

Ontario farmers leading efforts to reduce algae blooms in Great Lakes
(June 9, 2017 - Water, Environmental)

OFA disappointed provincial budget does not grow agriculture
(April 28, 2017 - Rural Economic Development, Agri-Food Research, Environmental, Energy, Education, Business Risk Management, Transportation, Telecommunications, Income Tax, Property Assessment and Taxation, Drainage, Natural Gas Infrastructure, Provincial Funding Transfers to Municipalities , Climate Change)

New group developing tools to reduce Lake Erie phosphorus
(June 29, 2017 - Water, Environmental)

MPPs spend a day on the farm with OFA
(August 11, 2017 - Water, Rural Economic Development, Environmental, Natural Gas Infrastructure, Minimum Wage)

Draft soil health strategy open for comment
(November 10, 2017 - Nutrient Management, Environmental)

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