The OFA supports the following policy statements on Agri-Food Biotechnology:

  • The OFA supports the wise use of biotechnology as a cost-effective tool for advancing agriculture and food production to ensure that Canadians can benefit from the latest and safest products. 
  • The OFA believes that timely access to the latest technologies is essential to keep Ontario's agri-food industry competitive.
  • The OFA has confidence in the integrity of the Canadian regulatory system and its ability to provide Canadians with the safest food possible, including foods produced or processed using biotechnology.
  • The OFA believes the responsible use of biotechnology enhances long-term economic and environment sustainability.

The policy statements address a number of concerns from both the perspective of food producers and consumers, and recognize that biotechnology simply provides farmers with a management tool. As with any farm management tool, the decision to adopt or not adopt is at the discretion of the farmer. The OFA actively follows the use of biotechnology in food production and non-food production from the perspectives of animal and human health, financial, and consumer concerns.

Submissions & Correspondence

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(March 27, 2017)

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(January 22, 2016)

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(March 25, 2013)

Additional Information

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(June 9, 2011)


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