Q. How do I become an OFA member?

OFA has 3 different memberships: FBR, IFM and ASC:

FBR membership is for farm businesses who declare gross farm income of more than $7,000 for taxation purposes. To become an FBR member, you must contact AGRICORP (1-866-327-3678) to register your farm business. This registration will provide you the opportunity to join OFA as an FBR member.

IFM membership is for practicing farmers and retired farmers still living on a farm. An IFM member is entitled to participate in county and provincial federation activities and hold OFA positions. IFM members are also eligible for the suite of group benefits available to Farm Business Registrant (FBR) members.

ASC membership is for non-farmers who support the principles, values and goals of the OFA. An ASC member is entitled to attend county and provincial federation activities, but cannot hold OFA positions. ASC members are eligible to receive special discounts and promotions exclusive to OFA members, with the exception of the OFA Chrysler Fleet Discount Program and GM Fleet Vehicle Program.

Q. I have an Individual Farm Membership and now qualify for a Farm Business Registration, what do I do?

Contact Agricorp to register as a farm business, once you have your number let OFA know and we can set your IFM to inactive

Q. I am a new farmer and have just bought a farm, what do I have to do to register my farm?

If you are new to farming and have not yet grossed $7,000 in farm income from the previous year, you need to contact OMAFRA’s farm property tax office for a gross farm income exemption called a startup exemption. If you have grossed $7,000 in farm income, contact Agricorp to register as a farm business then contact OMAFRA’s farm property tax office.

My Membership Card

Q. What do I need to do to get the name corrected on my OFA card?

If you have a Farm Business Registration membership you will need to contact Agricorp as they hold the master data. If you have an Individual Farm Membership or an Associate Membership please contact Member Relations.

Q. I want another OFA card, who do I contact?

Contact Member Relations.

Q. The information on my card is incorrect, who do I contact?

Contact Member Relations. In cases where the incorrect information is has been printed on a Farm Business Registration membership, you may need to contact Agricorp.